Federica Matta

Federica Matta has made sculptures as small as jewelry and as large as playgrounds. Built of bold polychromes and a graphic, personal cosmology that partakes most obviously of South American festival creations but also of Miro, a variety of Surrealist work and also its sources, they seriously and exuberantly bring to the forefront questions of boundaries: between cultures and countries; between signs ancient and modern; between visual practices and commercial idioms that are more often segregated as handicrafts, studio crafts, and studio art.

She has lived in Africa, South America, Egypt, Morocco, India, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, and Europe where she has lived and worked at different times in her life (with stops also in New York and California) as well as from the outdoor surrounds of her large environmental projects.

Typical of Federica Matta's process, the scupture has a surface dense and matte; its color is infused into the matter as well as imposed on the surface with gold leaf and acrylic paint, giving it a combined palette that echoes natural dyes, precious metals, and industrial fluorescents.

Small Turtle, 1998 Sculpture in Resin 20 1/2 x 20 1/2 Inches Signed
Small Totem, 1998 Sculpture in Resin, Acrylic and Gold Leaf 25 1/2 Inches High